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Puget Sound Transportation Projects

Union Station

Station Art Features:

Station artwork reflects the manufacturing and boat building work performed in the area, as well as Indian influences. The station's roof is meant to evoke the lines of a ship's hull. Items in the median reflect fishing and boat building. Panels inside the station show images of manufacturing and foundries that were in the area.

This theme is continued by buildings on the camps of the University of Washington Tacoma, who have taken up residence in many old buildings and foundries just across the street. More artwork can be seen over the Bridge of Glass and along the Foss Waterway Esplanade.

Station Design:

Double tracked. Platform in median with crosswalks across Pacific.


Area Links:

Union Station Platform

Platform, Union Station

Image: area map

Map of Union Station Area (click to enlarge)

Ben's Thoughts

This is the coolest and most useful of the stations in my opinion. The way this area has been set up reminds me of the Seattle Center, in the sense that the Center brought together most of Seattle's main art and theatre companies. Within a couple block's walk of this station are a major university, three museums, trendy housing, shopping, pubs and restaurants and a revitalized waterway. The resources and activities around this station prove the usefulness of this line. There is not a lot of parking in this area, and very little of what is available is free. However, you can park for free at the Tacoma Dome Station and ride Link to here. Or, if you lived in one of the condos or apartments along the Foss Waterway, you could take Link to a job downtown or to the Sounder to head up to Seattle. Or, as a student you can go have lunch at Freighthouse Square.

This is definitely the place to visit in Tacoma, and it is rapidly becoming one of the more popular places to live.

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