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Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Former Front-Page Images

This is a gallery of previous images shown on the home page.

Image: Bridge from water

New towers and old bridge from water, Summer, 2004

Image: New bridge towers

New towers from water, Summer, 2004

Image: Closeup of old bridge deck

Closeup of old bridge decks

Image: Bridge in Christmas colors, 2005

Bridge lit up in Christmas colors, December, 2005

Image: Bridge decks on the Swan, Summer 2006

Bridge decks on the Swan, Summer, 2005

Image: Both Bridges

Both bridges from Point Defiance Park, Summer, 2006

Image: Deck Lifting

First deck section being lifted, August 2006

Image: Completed Decks

Deck lift completed, March, 2007

Image: Opening Day

Opening Day, July 15th, 2007